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Bhagyalakshmi Bansi Soji 500 g

Bhagyalakshmi Bansi Soji

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Brand Bhagyalakshmi
MRP 26.00
Offer Price 26.00

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Bhagyalakshmi Bansi Soji is a business group that produces a range of processed foods with a daily production capacity of close to 350 metric tons per day. Rice: Steamed Rice, Raw Rice, Parboiled Rice. Rice Products: Idli Soji, Poha [All Varieties, Pulses: Fried Gram, Gram Dal, Gram Flour. Wheat Products: Maida [sweet], Maida [general], Soji, Atta, Chiroti Soji, Wheat Fibre, Bansi Soji. Bhagyalakshmi Bansi Soji. Bhagyalakshmi Bansi Soji is been used for many food preparations it has become one of the most staple food of India. Bhagyalakshmi Bansi Soji comes in a nice pack, which makes it fresh and hygienic. Bhagyalakshmi Bansi Soji can be used for both sweet and general recipe preparation. Bhagyalakshmi Bansi Soji gives you the fresh taste of Soji that enhances the recipe that you prepare and it remains fresh for long time. Bhagyalakshmi Bansi Soji is packed in such a way that it is clean and there are no impurities so it promises for the hygienic product. Bhagyalakshmi Bansi Soji is made of wheat that is healthy and nutritious. Bhagyalakshmi Bansi Soji keeps you stay lite as it does not cause any heavy feeling after eating, which makes it healthy and keeps you active. Bhagyalakshmi Bansi Soji is filling and it does not contain and cholesterol in it.

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