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Loyalty Program

What is a Zoppie?

Zoppie is the loyalty program offered by ZopNow. You can use your Zoppies to make payment for your future purchase on our website. Each Zoppie is worth 10p. Only registered users of ZopNow can avail this program.

What benefits do I get by using Zoppies?

  • Blazing fast checkout – When you pay via Zoppies, the checkout takes just a fraction of a second.
  • Quick refunds – All refunds will be credited to your account within 24 hours. You must ensure that you select ‘Refund as Zoppies ON’ on the checkout page.
  • Change adjustments – If your order is Cash-on-delivery order, then change can be adjusted against your Zoppies balance on your request to the delivery executive.

How do I get Zoppies?

You can get Zoppies to your account in the following ways:

  • Refunds – If your order is pre-paid, and we are not able to fulfil product/s you have ordered then the equivalent amount will be refunded as Zoppies to your ZopNow account within 24 hours. You must ensure that you select ‘Refund as Zoppies ON’ on the checkout page.
  • Referral bonus – When your referred customer uses your referral-code to shop and the order is completed, then we credit Rs.50 worth of Zoppies to your account.
  • Recharge – You can recharge Zoppies by using any of the online payment methods here.

How do I redeem my Zoppies?

At the time of checkout, you can specify amount of Zoppies to be debited. You can make part or full payment via Zoppies depending upon your account balance and choice. If for any reason order gets cancelled then the Zoppies are credited back to your ZopNow account.

Do my Zoppie expire?

Yes. Zoppie expire after one year of issue. For instance, the Zoppies earned on 26th of Jan 2012, will expire on 26th of Jan 2013.

At the time of redemption, the older Zoppies get debited first. For example if a customer has earned 2000 Zoppies from transactions on 26th Jan (400 Zoppies), 1st Feb (600 Zoppies) and 8th Feb (1000 Zoppies) and wants to redeem 1500 Zoppies on 14th Feb then the Zoppies earned on 26th of Jan will be debited first, followed by the one earned on 1st Feb and then those earned on 8th Feb.

How much Zoppies do I have?

You can check your Zoppies balance as well as complete transaction history here. You can also recharge your Zoppies by any of the online payment methods on the same page.

Can I transfer my Zoppies?

No. Zoppies are non-transferable.

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Fast service & returns

Fast service & returns

Not happy with your delivery? No-questions-asked 15-day returns policy on all products except perishables like fruits, vegetables, milk, bread and frozen products.

Easy payments

Easy payments

Simple checkout with options to pre-pay with online payment gateway or post-pay on delivery. You can even add zoppies in ZopWallet and enjoy hassle-free payments.

Maximum range

Maximum range

Get over 15000+ daily essentials from 1200+ brands and 300+ categories to cover almost all your household shopping needs

Maximum convenience

Maximum convenience

Simply add items to cart, checkout and you are done. Use Wallet ('My Zoppies') to add money once and pay easily for multiple orders without worrying about loose change.

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