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Following are the winners for the month of April, 2017:

1. Ms. Sumana Samtani [Registered phone no.: xxxxxx4961] Order ref. 17419623 worth Rs. 2031/-

2. Ms. Jennifer Wolfe [Registered phone no.: xxxxxx2277] Order ref. 17495776 worth Rs. 2022/-

3. Ms. Richa Dev Soral [Registered phone no.: xxxxxx2038] Order ref. 17487836 worth Rs. 2038/-

4. Mr. Navdeep [Registered phone no.: xxxxxx3428] Order ref. 17677356 worth Rs. 2143/-

5. Ms. Ritu [Registered phone no.: xxxxxx0959] Order ref. 17747630 worth Rs. 2138/-

6. Ms. Neena Prateek [Registered phone no.: xxxxxx8011] Order ref. 17747305 worth Rs. 2050/-

7. Ms. Bhawana Bohra [Registered phone no.: xxxxxx1296] Order ref. 17749588 worth Rs. 2124/-

8. Mr. Kumar [Registered phone no.: xxxxxx9154] Order ref. 17834322 worth Rs. 2143/-

9. Ms. Joyeeta Kumar [Registered phone no.: xxxxxx3744] Order ref. 17884357 worth Rs. 2101/-

10. Ms. Lavina [Registered phone no.: xxxxxx6744] Order ref. 17952785 worth Rs. 2136/-


Following are the winners for the month of March, 2017:

1. Ms. Suneela Thatte [Registered phone no.: xxxxxx8457] Order ref. 16741239 worth Rs. 2006/-

2. Mr. Puneet Gupta [Registered phone no.: xxxxxx8811] Order ref. 16769872 worth Rs. 2051/-

3. Mr. Ankur [Registered phone no.: xxxxxx7355] Order ref. 16838495 worth Rs. 2153/-

4. Ms. Maya Shenoi [Registered phone no.: xxxxxx4310] Order ref. 16933125 worth Rs. 2099/-

5. Mr. Tanveer Kazi [Registered phone no.: xxxxxx1156] Order ref. 16971431 worth Rs. 2006/-

6. Mr. Shyam Maheshwari [Registered phone no.: xxxxxx8066] Order ref. 17044579 worth Rs. 2069/-

7. Ms. Meenal Jaiswal [Registered phone no.: xxxxxx5444] Order ref. 17122038 worth Rs. 2173/-

8. Ms. Sheelamadhuri [Registered phone no.: xxxxxx4947] Order ref. 17195654 worth Rs. 2064/-

9. Ms. Alka [Registered phone no.: xxxxxx7887] Order ref. 17264581 worth Rs. 2024/-

10. Dr. J P Manocha [Registered phone no.: xxxxxx7322] Order ref. 17326321 worth Rs. 2020/-


Following are the winners for the month of February, 2017:

1. Ms. Sophia [Registered phone no.: xxxxxx9014] Order ref. 16396943 worth Rs. 2003/-

2. Ms. Savithri [Registered phone no.: xxxxxx9751] Order ref. 16419255 worth Rs. 2163/- 

3. Ms. Prabha Lakra [Registered phone no.: xxxxxx5873] Order ref. 16408490 worth Rs. 2112/-

4. Ms. Alka Verma [Registered phone no.: xxxxxx6050] Order ref. 16439403 worth Rs. 2015/- 

5. Mr. Shekhar Menon [Registered phone no.: xxxxxx9150] Order ref. 16464321 worth Rs. 2072/-

6. Dr. G Hidayathullah [Registered phone no.: xxxxxx2007] Order ref. 16481622 worth Rs. 2007/-

7. Ms. Radhika Singh [Registered phone no.: xxxxxx4616] Order ref. 16549816 worth Rs. 2313/-

8. Ms. Rakhi Singh [Registered phone no.: xxxxxx0994] Order ref. 16565459 worth Rs. 2087/-

9. Ms. Avantika Shastri [Registered phone no.: xxxxxx0692] Order ref. 16610217 worth Rs. 2086/-

10. Ms. Jayasree [Registered phone no.: xxxxxx3004] Order ref. 16616694 worth Rs. 2161/-


Following are the winners for the month of January, 2017:

1. Mr. R.S. Bajaj [Registered phone no.: xxxxxx1339]

2. Mr. Bhavanipratap Rana [Registered phone no.: xxxxxx7940]

3. Mr. Upender Kumar [Registered phone no.: xxxxxx1116]

4. Ms. Avantika Shastri [Registered phone no.: xxxxxx0692]

5. Ms. Sangeeta Kinariwala [Registered phone no.: xxxxxx9007]

6. Ms. Tarannum Khaled [Registered phone no.: xxxxxx2497]

7. Ms. Liza Joseph [Registered phone no.: xxxxxx2084]

8. Ms. Usha Kalyan [Registered phone no.: xxxxxx5000]

9. Mr. Goldy [Registered phone no.: xxxxxx6172]

10. Ms. Aarti Aneja Pathak [Registered phone no.: xxxxxx8797]

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Fresh food & perishables

Fresh food & perishables

All perishables such as milk, bread, fruits, vegetables and frozen products are sourced fresh. Still not satisfied with the quality? Simply check and return them at the time of delivery

Freshly picked and delivered

Freshly picked and delivered

Picking for your order happens closest to the time of delivery slot chosen by you – getting you almost as good a quality as you would pick yourself.

Easy payments

Easy payments

Simple checkout with options to pre-pay with online payment gateway or post-pay on delivery. You can even add zoppies in ZopWallet and enjoy hassle-free payments.

Maximum convenience

Maximum convenience

Simply add items to cart, checkout and you are done. Use Wallet ('My Zoppies') to add money once and pay easily for multiple orders without worrying about loose change.

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