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Mamy Poko Pant Style Diapers Large 9-14 kg Diapers 64 Nos

Mamy Poko Pant Style Diapers Large 9-14 kg Diapers
8% OFF

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Brand Mamy Poko
MRP 930.00
Offer 8% OFF
Offer Price 855.00

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Get Mamy Poko Pant Style Diapers Large for your small ones, particularly meant for their soft and tender skin that cleans and cares. Made up of thick fiber clothes that cleans and removes dirt thoroughly. Get Mamy Poko Pant Style Diapers Large, which is also suitable for the New Borns as it has got the soft texture and works gently over their skin. It has been formulated with a mild fragrance. New parents spend a lot of time diaper changing. It is another way mothers bond and show their love towards their newborn or child. Diaper changing might seem complicated at first but with a little practice, you'll find that keeping your baby comfortable and happy is easy. With MamyPoko's products, diapering has never been easier for both parents and child. Mamy Poko provides the best products that care for every stage of a baby's growth.

Other variants

195.00 / 17 pcs
195.00 / 12 pcs
389.00 / 34 pcs
489.00 / 32 pcs
679.00 / 48 Nos
855.00 / 64 Nos

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