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Pantene Total Damage Care Shampoo 650 ml

Pantene Total Damage Care Shampoo
11% OFF

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Brand Pantene
MRP 395.00
Offer 11% OFF
Offer Price 352.50

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The all-new Pantene Total Damage Care is up for grabs now! The Pantene Total Damage Care cleans your hair and softens it. Your hair becomes moisture-rich, soft and silky in minutes. It is manufactured with a great exotic scent, which prevents your hair from the stinking odour of sweat. The odour is neither too mild nor too over-powering. The shampoo and conditioner is neither too runny nor too thick in your hands. Pantene Total Damage Care can be easily applied for comfortable and gentle application through the strands of your hair. The all-new Pantene Total Damage Care keeps your hair away from tangles as it contains the richness of the Pantene de-tangling lotion prepared by great hair experts. Pantene Total Damage Care shampoo and conditioner reduces the split-ends and keeps it from recurring. Pantene Total Damage Care keeps your hair glossy and damage free till the next wash. Pantene Total Damage Care also minimises hair fall over a period of time. Pantene Total Damage Care is for those who are worried about their damaged and dry hair. Pantene Total Damage Care keeps your hair healthy and soft. This combo of both shampoo and conditioner enhances easy and quick maintenance of hair. Keep your hair silky, shiny, and glossy and damage free with the all-new Pantene Total Damage Care.

Other variants

57.00 / 80 ml
112.50 / 180 ml
207.50 / 340 ml
352.50 / 650 ml

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