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Real Activ Fiber Multi Fruit Juice 1 Ltr

Real Activ Fiber Multi Fruit Juice

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Brand Real
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Snacking between the meals is a part of our daily diet and most likely we resort to junk food for this purpose that impact adversely our health in the long run. What if we can replace this unhealthy exercise with something that is delicious to taste and is conducive for our health too? Keeping this purpose in mind, Real has come up with Active Multi Fiber Juice under the brand of Activ. This wholesome juice can act as a perfect filler to satiate the odd time hunger pangs and can offer around 40 % less calories than the frequently consumed fried snacks.

The 100 % juice of some of the finest and the most exotic fruits like passion fruit, apple, banana, apricot, mango, orange and guava are brought together to make this juice so that the users can have a superior quality product. The rich texture of the beverage is due to the purity and naturalness of the product. It is made completely free of any added colour and preservatives. There is no added sugar in the Multi Fruit Juice and it is also completely fat free that makes it ideal for all even grown ups.

Nutrition Facts
A number of important nutrients comprise this juice. One can get a mix of sodium, potassium as well as calcium of approximately 10 mg, 30 mg and 2mg respectively in every 100 ml serving of the juice. In the same volume of this beverage, one can also derive the benefits of 53 Kcal of energy, 14 g of carbohydrate, natural fruit sugar of 12.5 g, protein of 0.2 g and dietary fiber of 1.5 g on an average. The last component is of cardinal importance because it keeps the health of the body intact. Through the intake of the Real Activ Fiber juice around 12 % of the required fiber content that our body needs can be fulfilled and thus can create good conditions for the digestive system as well as heart. It also helps to keep the weight under control.

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