ZopSmart Technology

Cutting-edge technology that is right for your business

What we offer

We are using one of the most advanced technology stack for an ecommerce platform. We have built the platform using PHP, JAVA, MySQL Database, Redis Cluster for Cache, Solr Cluster for Search and Neo4j Graph Database for Personalization. We host our platform on Google and Amazon cloud that ensures more than 99.99% uptime and accessibility to the application from anywhere, anytime and any device.

Mainstays of our Technology

Our technology is in action from 7 years, handling thousands of transactions each day. Our clients include large retailers in Asia, including two of the largest e-grocers in India.
Low Cost
With us you get enterprise-class technology at an affordable price. You save substantial capital as well as variable costs with zero in-house server, application and personnel requirements.
Zero Time-to-Market
With us you get to market in almost zero time, as we already have almost all the e-commerce capabilities built and available off-the-shelf.
Flexible & Scalable
Our platform is ideal for businesses which have uncertain or fluctuating demand. If your needs increase we will automatically scale up your server capacity and vice-versa.
Our platform provides enhanced & simplified IT management & maintenance capabilities through central administration of resources, managed infrastructure & SLA backed support services.
All your data is encrypted and stored in Google or Amazon cloud that have more than 99.99% uptime. You get complete data security even in extreme situations of power failures or natural disasters.
With our platform, if you’ve got a smartphone and an internet connection you can be at work. Our back-end interface can be conveniently accessed via browser on any device.
Automatic Updates
We take care of development and roll-out of regular software updates including security updates. Hence you don’t have to worry about maintaining your applications and servers
Our software is truly modular. Hence if you have an existing e-commerce solution and you want to add only a few modules of our solution then also we fit your needs perfectly.

Building blocks of our Technology